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Alice Schavoir




This installation came from being given a marriage propaganda
pamphlet by a Hasidic man in Brooklyn years ago.  The one line, ‘Yet
the hoardes of singles will continue to ride the dating merry-go-round
endlessly,’ sounded quite funny at the time...however it started to feel
like a prophecy for things to come with the proliferation of online
dating. The kitchen gloves, crown and heart refer back to the old Irish
tradition of wearing a ring of this type called a cladagh in which the
hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown
represents loyalty. The hanging heart represents the glorification of
romantic love, and the wanting to possess it. The hair on the floor
alludes to the custom of shaving heads by Hasidic wives, but on
another level, the layers that are shed when we enter into a
partnership with someone.


Alice Schavoir lives with her children in Kingston, NY.  She has sewn
since middle school and has been able to merge her craftsmanship
and artistic vision into pieces that are sometimes functional,
humorous and comforting.  She currently attends Bard towards a
major in arts, gender studies and written arts.

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