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Mischa Richter

East Harbor

C-Print, 32”w x 33”h, edition of 5, 2012

Migration of Tree Swallows in Provincetown

Mischa Richter spent most of his childhood in Provincetown,
MA. He studied art in London and then started a career as
an editorial photographer working for publications such as
Vogue, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine and i-D.
Land’s End Press published his first book “Saudade”.
Saudade is a series of photographs taken in Provincetown,
Ma over a period of three years. Mischa has also just
finished his first feature film all shot on 35mm. It’s a poetic
documentary about Provincetown called I AM A TOWN. It
world premiered at MoMA’s Doc Fortnight 2020 and has
recently got a distribution deal with Cinema Guild. Mischa
lives and works in Provincetown, MA.

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