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Maia Ruth Lee

Bondage Baggage Atlas 001
India ink on canvas, 22”w x 28”h, 2021 

Bondage Baggage Atlas is a series of paintings created from
deconstructed Bondage Baggage sculptures. Like an atlas,
the once secured structures are unknotted and released into
a 2D format. The paintings hold the constraints and
memories of their former selves.

Maia Ruth Lee is an artist born in Busan, South Korea and
grew up in Kathmandu Nepal. Leeʼs recent solo exhibition
took place at Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver in
2021. Leeʼs other solo exhibitions were in 2016 and 2018 at
Eli Ping Frances Perkins (NY) and Jack Hanley Gallery (NY)
respectively. Lee participated in numerous group exhibitions
including the Whitney Biennial 2019, CANADA gallery,
Studio Museum 127, Salon 94 in New York, Roberts & Tilton
Gallery in Los Angeles. Lee was recipient of the Rema Hort
Mann grant in 2017 and her work is held in the public
collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Lee
currently lives and works in Salida, Colorado.

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