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Jicky Schnee

Wishbone I, Wishbone II, Wishbone IV, Wishbone V, Slash I,
Slash II

oil and embroidery thread on canvas, all are 24” w x 36”h,

Cicatrize: to heal by scar formation

Made intentionally to the dimensions of the human torso,
these works were a reflection on the wounds that we have
inflicted upon ourselves, each other and our planet. The
gashes are often wishbone shaped in hope that the wounds
will eventually cicatrize.

Jicky Schnee is an artist who also founded and ran
Collective gallery in Woodstock, NY from 2017-2019. Stable
gallery is her new initiative to bring more contemporary art to
the Woodstock area. She most recently showed at The
Spring Break Art Fair curated by Anthony Haden-Guest.

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