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Jicky Schnee

Global Forward Motion; 100 pieces of space and time

Digital C-prints, glaze on ceramic



Web; X

Oil on canvas, thread









Global Forward Motion: 100 pieces of space and time
I captured this image of an enormous American flag torn in half
during the height of Trump mania after he lost 2020; a huge
windstorm had ripped the flag in half. This image seemed to me
to be the perfect metaphor for what was (and is) happening to
America. The torn flag has since been replaced but still flies
above the camper dealership right next to interstate 87 at exit 19
to Woodstock.
The ‘proof’ is my attempt to find a way forward amongst an
environment of intense polarization—for in the pull of opposite
directions, only further division will occur.
100 pieces of space and time is a reflection on the biblical
metaphor of humans being a lump of clay in God’s hands-- that we
are both from the earth and in death, return to the earth.
Like the clay in the potter's hand, so are you in my own hand Jeremiah 18:2-6
Remember that you have made me like clay; and will you return me to the
dust Job 10:8-12
Each handful of clay was thrown for more than 10 throws upon a
table to make a shape with no effort to differentiation—yet
naturally each lump became individual. They sit intentionally
beneath the ‘proof of a forward motion’, each possessing the
possibility for unity or further division.

Jicky Schnee is a multidisciplinary artist working in both the
visual and the performing arts. Schnee shows with AMP gallery
in Provincetown, MA and The Stable Gallery in Woodstock, NY,
a gallery she established in 2017 to create a supportive and
artist run platform in Woodstock, NY.

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