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Jicky Schnee

I started to record my own dreams in my twenties partly because I found them terrifying and recording them seemed to act as a type of exorcism and partly because I found them bizarrely and hilariously entertaining, as with the dream drawing in which flayed carcasses hang on meat-hooks and to butchering lions (my pride?) was my new job--one which I strangely ‘feel ok about it because its nice to be back in an office environment’.  As I have aged, I have come to believe that dreams are as the psychiatrist Jung theorized, projections of the self that have been ignored, rejected or suppressed.  These sketches are usually done first thing when I get to my studio in the morning and are an unloading of my mind from the night before which makes space for a new day’s work.     


Venus Dreamtrap explores the strange dichotomy of dreams themselves; the soft and seductive pillowy-ness that can lull one into a feeling of safety and yet, like a Venus Flytrap, there are teeth which hold one tight and force a facing of the ignored and repressed. 


Jicky Schnee is an artist, actor and writer.  She received her B.A. in Fine Art and Art History from Rice University and went on to appear as a principal in films alongside Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Rip Torn and F. Murray Abraham.  She has shown at Bibro NYC, The Sewall Gallery in Houston, AMP in Provincetown, Mc Daris Hudson, NY and Collective, Woodstock where she is both founder and curator.  She has written a paper-cut and poetry book titled A Garden of Thorny Verse and a one act play, The Four Sisters; The Eye, the Ear, the Brain and the Mouth which was produced in Provincetown. 

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