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Jicky Schnee



Once I walked, unknowing

shaking my fist at the sky for some trifle or other

an athlete’s demand of due.

Single day x-ed out

All that was before,

washed away on the tides of knowing.

Death came to me too soon. 


And walking now,

memorizing the shapes of hands, 

the curve of a smile or small of the back

or just the sound of a certain laugh

arranging pictures to hold on to

in the event—

Spoiling the now.


An echo of something that has yet to come

Holding all at bay with the minutiae

of scars and moles or how one holds a pen. 

The echo lows. 

Death came with me too soon.


Hello the House, Miss Oldest Regrets

to go now after all this preparedness

memories dim but still raw, 

it makes no sense.

Do not pity the athlete dying young.

The laureled head suffered no purgatory of presence.

Miss Oldest Regrets, Miss Oldest Regrets

Death came for me too soon.


Jicky Schnee is an artist, actor and writer. She received her B.A. in Fine Art and Art History from Rice University and went on to appear as a principal in films alongside Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Rip Torn and F. Murray Abraham.  She has shown at Bibro New York City, The Sewall Gallery in Houston, TX, AMP in Provincetown, MA, Mc Daris in Hudson, NY and Collective, Woodstock where she is both the founder and curator.  She has written a paper-cut and poetry book titledA Garden of Thorny Verse and a one act play, The Four Sisters; The Eye, the Ear, the Brain and the Mouth which was produced in Provincetown.  

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