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Nin Brudermann

“Nothing is outside the scope of the artist part secret agent, part historian. Nin Brudermann calls herself an Investigative Artist. There’s kind of a new phrase floating around philosophy: Speculative Realism. Brudermann improves it to Speculative Nouveau Réalisme and says it suits her just fine.” Anthony Haden-Guest


Nin Brudermann has exhibited her work at P.S.1 Museum, Brooklyn Museum, ICA London, Venice Biennale, Arhus Kunstbygning (DK), Futura (CZ), Kunstraum Dornbirn (A), Kunsthalle Krems and Kunsthalle Wien (A), Haus der Kunst Munich, Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp (CH), National Centre for Contemporary Arts (RU). Her artist monograph ‘nb’, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst is distributed in the US by Artbook/D.A.P..


Medals' Maze

'This is a piece that is part of an ongoing project I am developing along a traveling museum exhibition 2014-2018. A maze made of WWI war medal bands, tracing my great-grand-uncle who was a general of the 3rd Austrian-Hungarian army, and a scandalous intrigue surrounding the onset of the war that reshaped Europe. A piece on the non-linear complexity of the political body and you can play it.'  


Ruin A Stranger Emblem

'A stranger approached me with a green fireproof box. 'Open it and do something with it’ she said. The box contained observational material and supporting material of a female stalker observing a man for 5 years, dissecting his garbage, categorizing his every move. The stalker’s intention was to ‘Ruin A Stranger’, to get to know the guy in secrecy. Information about the stalked man and the stalker herself build a sort of speculative reality in a live ‘Late Night Show’ I produced with the fireproof box at heart. The maze at display derives from this project, it is a labyrinth of the ‘R.A.S. emblem’ of the project.'

left: R.A.S. Emblem from Late Night Show, 2010 

Mdf, lacquered, playing ball, Edition of 3, 3/3, 51cm x 66cm

right: Medals’ Maze from Clash of Giants, 2015, 

Mdf, lacquered, playing ball, Edition of 3, 3/3 22 x 20 x 1 inches 

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