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Nin Brudermann

Two mazes - a bill and a Q&A T Shirt, question in the front, answer on the back all dissect the complex unseen maze of the superdollar affair.


'Unearthing the Unseen takes an entirely different form in works of Nin Brudermann. Her mystery found her, by way of a chest of drawers in the basement of her apartment. In it she found bank statements, a video rental ID, photographs and letters, all items that pointed to a global money forgery scheme involving the ’Superdollar' and someone named Aurelio Z.' Caitlin Jones, RHIZOME at the New Museum NY, February 20th 2008


A superdollar is a very high quality counterfeit United States one hundred-dollar bill,[1] alleged by the U.S. Government to have been made by unknown organizations or governments.[2][3] In 2011 government sources stated that these "counterfeit bills were in worldwide circulation from the late 1980s until at least July 2000" in an extradition court case.[4]

While there are many features on supernotes that can be detected with today's technology, new, more sophisticated supernotes are always being produced. No current technology can guarantee catching 100% of the supernotes in circulation.


Various groups have been suspected of creating such notes, and international opinion on the origin of the notes varies. The U.S. Government believes it most likely that the majority of these notes were produced in North Korea.[5] Over $35 million of $100 bills were produced by British criminals arrested in 2002. The name derives from the fact that the quality of the notes exceeds that of the originals.


Nin Brudermann is an Austrian-American artist, living and working in New York, whose mixed-media works have garnered attention as narrative investigations, where an ambiguity exists between the real and the super-real. With her it is important to open the realm of possibilities, in the detective genre of the Whodunit, the “it” is irrelevant, or rather only relevant to the particular

Nin Brudermann has exhibited her work at P.S.1 Museum, Brooklyn Museum, ICA London, Venice Biennale, Arhus Kunstbygning (DK), Futura (CZ), Kunstraum Dornbirn (A), Kunsthalle Krems and Kunsthalle Wien (A), Haus der Kunst Munich, Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp (CH), National Centre for Contemporary Arts (RU). Her artist monograph ‘nb’, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst is distributed in the US by Artbook/D.A.P..

born 1970 in Vienna, Austria

M.A., University Vienna and Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Prof. Peter Sloterdijk)

B.A., Schule fuer künstlerische Photographie, Vienna (Friedl Kubelka)

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