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Peter Sutherland 

Glacier Glasses View, Nepal  

This work is a perforated window decal adhered to OSB, also known
as chip board.   I hope gives viewers a feeling of high and low or of
tension.   It’s an Image of pristine nature (shot in Himalaya region in
Nepal) paired with the lowest grade of wood after it’s been mulched,
stamped and spit out of a mill.  This is a series I’ve been working on
for a while. I like that the decals are inherently related to photography
as they are designed to let light pass through.   It’s also similar to a
silk-screen pattern and sort of an analog photo-shop technique.


Peter Sutherland (b. 1976, Ann Arbor, Michigan) lives and works in
New York City. He is a mixed media artist with a foundation in
photography.  Selected solo exhibitions have been held at Gallery
Target, Tokyo (2015); the Still House Group, New York (2015, 2014);
Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels (2014); White Cube Gallery,
London (2014); Bill Brady KC Gallery, Kansas (2013); and ATM
Gallery, New York (2008). Sutherland’s work has been featured in a
number of group exhibitions, including shows at the Journal Gallery,
New York (2015); the Still House Group, London (2015); Museum
Dhont-Dhaenens, Lys, Belgium (2014); and the Nahmad
Contemporary, New York (2014).


Raised in Colorado and now based in NYC, Sutherland employs
techniques of traditional documentary photography to capture the
hidden beauty of ordinary objects and everyday situations. His work
can be found in the pages of Vice, The New Order, Dazed &
Confused, ANP Quarterly, and Monster Children. Sutherland’s
favorite director is Werner Herzog, and his own film work has been
influenced by both Herzog and Albert & David Maysles’ Gimme
Shelter. In addition to the film Tierney Gearon: The Mother
Project (Zeitgeist Films), Peter also directed Pedal (powerHouse
Books DVD). When Sutherland is not taking pictures or making films
he enjoys playing soccer and shredding pow.

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