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Robert Ohnigian




Letters, words, numbers- any printed matter evokes or has inherent
power and symbolic meaning. Scrolling along the bottom of collage
landscape appear the word Iliad with numbers. Chosen
spontaneously, the antique printed scrap evoked in me a feeling of
time and history which somehow related to the earth and landscape.
In contrast to the landscape the work titled "Vank" (monastery) all the
words and numbers were selected specifically to almost tell a story or
memoir. The last paper collage in the show was made to
commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenians Genocide
(1915). Everything was carefully chosen from books that had
belonged to my Grandmother, a survivor. The script which I can't
read is to me by itself powerful and symbolic.


1947 the year I was born in NY City
1966 I attended Pratt Institute and made my first collage
1974 to Woodstock to make a life and art.
1982 to NY to be represented by The Cordier and Ekstrom Gallery
then when they closed to Kouros Gallery. Finally I found a home at  
The Davis and Langdale Gallery in NYC. In Woodstock I was first
represented the Woodstock Gallery, and today Elena Zang has me in
her wonderful stable of artists. 

Robert Shows with Collective at the courtesy of Elena Zang.

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