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Shaun Acton

Intersected from 22 feet
65” x 65”
Oil on canvas

Intersected from 22 feet juxtaposes hard-edge lines which
reference our understanding of x,y,z axis and three point
perspective with organic forms created by gravity and chance. In a
nod to Fluxus, for nearly a week, I placed the work face up and let
pine needles fall onto the surface. These in turn become resists to
the next layer of paint and ultimately part of the composition.
This pairing of man-made trajectories with unpredictable
randomly chosen shapes imbues the work with a playful sense of
rhythmic motion. Ideally, these lines and forms help to remind us
of our own connectedness to something greater than ourselves. 
Shaun Acton is a Brooklyn based artist who works in dialogue
with nature and scientific understanding of natural phenomena.
He’s inspired by the theories of science; both the far-fetched and
the widely accepted.

Acton has been in numerous group exhibitions as well as a handful
of solo exhibitions. Shaun is a co-founder of two artist collectives
and his work can be found in collections worldwide. He’s
executed several large-scale, site-specific commissions for
restaurants and businesses. Acton has worked in mediums ranging
from printmaking to performance but for the last decade or so his
concentration has been in painting.

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